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Coaching for Professionals

My personal and professional experiences have transformed the way I approach life and work. You may find you know precisely what you want from your life and career. Or, you may be totally lost but have a tug that there's more out there for you. No matter where you find yourself, it's exactly the right time to connect.

We'll work together to articulate your vision, and outline the actionable steps to get you there.

A few of the ways I work with my clients:

  • You're experiencing a life event that prompts pause and a reassessment of the direction you’re going.
  • You want to play to your strengths; be authentically you.
  • You're re-entering the workforce after a career pause or after maternity leave.
  • You want to lead differently (better) at work.
  • You're ready to move on from imposter syndrome.
  • You'd like help making sense of the overwhelm/messy middle, with practical, actionable support that moves you forward.

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