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Client Endorsements

"Before coaching with Jenny, I was flying by the seat of my pants. As a result of our time, I now have a solid sales framework with clear goals and a foundation for scaling my operations. I really appreciated the systematic way Jenny walked through the funnel and helped me develop metrics-based sales goals that I can use to prioritize my work.

Jenny also helped me audit my existing channels to find ways to open up opportunities and helped me set up a CRM that will make collaborating with other team members so much easier.

Finally, I loved the homework assignments that Jenny gave me. The accountability was critical to my success. Jenny, thank you again for your help. I really feel like it has transformed how I think about my business."
- Julia K., Founder + CEO, The Recess Lab
"I was fortunate to work with Jenny while she collaborated with our team to drive a key sales coaching and development initiative.

We were consistently impressed by her ability to quickly ramp up to learn about our team and product with minimal direction while making impact through her mentorship.

I would highly recommend Jenny based on this experience."
 - JP G., CEO, Storyboard
"I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking for a sales coach or manager who is looking for an individual that grasps new concepts or products quickly, is extremely hard working, and is an impactful manager/coach."
 -Maggie G., CRO, Storyboard
"Jenny helped me realize the obstacles that were standing in the way of my success - and more importantly, my happiness.

With her guidance, I was able to move from a senior brand and sales role to a writing career that has just won me my first award.

Her natural, professional approach opened my eyes to the way sales skills can translate to our everyday lives."
 - Christine P., formerly VP of Brand, now award-winning author

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