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Jenny's Story

Straight out of college, I landed my first sales manager role. I was brand new to sales and to managing people, and I quickly had to figure out how to do both.

This was a big, successful organization; they knew what they were doing. Yet, like so many organizations, they didn’t have a consistent program in place for developing managers and leaders. Looking back now, I can say I would have done a lot of things differently had I been armed with the right tools and resources.

But I soon realized that help wasn’t coming, so I started studying up and kept developing myself over the years.

I facilitated a course on sales training and techniques.

I completed several certifications outside of work, including Psychology of Communications, and Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders.

I actively observed and learned from leaders I respected.

Then I landed at Airbnb, where in my first six months I came up with a use case and pitched it to our Executives. It became the #1 business opportunity for our division for the next several years.

Once again I found myself managing people, but this time I was ready.

So here I was, at the high point of my career - running with a major project, tapped to speak on panels and at events, highlighted in press articles, working for one of the biggest unicorns in the world, and then….

I suffered a late-term pregnancy loss. My world was turned upside down.

I decided to step away from work for a bit. I needed time.

In the months that followed, I channeled my energy and grief, seeking out knowledge and insight that could make sense of it all and point me forward. I worked with a therapist/coach, attended meditations at Spirit Rock[1], took a yoga + psyche for trauma healing workshop, spent several days at the Search Inside Yourself Institute (born at Google), learned to teach Yoga Nidra[2], a tool I still find incredibly helpful, and spent six months training and getting certified to coach others. In a happy twist of fate, I got pregnant and my daughter was born during this time. I relished all of the time I got to spend with her.

When I started working again, I was different. I felt more myself.

The most important realization I had was that my career is only made stronger and more enjoyable when I bring my WHOLE self to it – all the learnings and certifications and courses, all the connections and relationships I’ve developed along the way. I felt pulled to work with others, to help them unlock their whole selves and step into their full potential.

Now I've blended my passion with my career-long expertise and offer coaching + consulting services to everyone from big organizations, to small start-ups, and individuals. Anyone looking to unlock big potential and make big moves. I’d love to connect with you…jump over to my services to learn more.

Author's note: I trained with an International Coaching Federation accredited program.

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