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The three most valuable insights on managing up

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You may have noticed I’m offering free one-hour Zoom sessions until the end of the year, focusing on the topic of managing up or any sales skill topic of your choice.

Here are the three most valuable insights from my discussions:

Emotional Intelligence is highly valued, crucial, and respected by employees when it comes to standout leadership.

If you find yourself managing up to a manager who lacks emotional intelligence, keep reading for a helpful tip.

Behavioral research and neuroscience suggests that being mindful of the pressures on your boss and responding with empathy can trigger reciprocal support.

During our Zoom sessions, we work through specific scenarios and conversations while keeping this in mind. Here’s one real-life example:

“I recognize you have a lot on your plate. After our conversation, I realized I can do a better job of providing you with high-level updates on my projects. What format would be most helpful for you?”

“Don’t Cross the Net”, a tennis analogy popular in Stanford Graduate School of Business’s Interpersonal Dynamics course, often referred to as the “touchy feely” class and a long-standing favorite among students. A course I heard about often from colleagues.

Whether you’re dealing with a micromanager or a hands-off boss, it’s easy to get caught up in overanalyzing their words and actions. “Don’t cross the net” serves as a reminder not to assume the other person’s thoughts and intentions but to engage in direct and respectful conversations with your manager.

Clearly state what happened and how it made you feel, i.e., “When you did x, it made me feel x”, to get clarity and operate from an informed standpoint.

Be open to and accept feedback. Receiving feedback from a manager can sometimes trigger defensiveness, particularly if the relationship isn’t strong. However, it’s essential to approach feedback without emotional bias.

Feedback might not always accurately reflect who you are, but it does reflect how you are perceived. You have the power to change that perception to align with your true self.

You might wonder about the relevance of sales skills if you’re not in a sales role.

Sales skills show up in ways we may not realize, including our ability to influence, foster relationships, deliver compelling presentations, adeptly manage situations and people, and more.

If you or someone you know could benefit from a free one-hour Zoom, please sign-up HERE. I guarantee that you or they will leave the session with actionable steps to start implementing today.


Jenny Bulgrin Venkat, Sales Coach + Consultant

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