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Four ways to help your business

Last week, I had a conversation with someone who is considering branching out on their own into solopreneurship.

In sharing my experience with them, four overarching themes emerged, in no particular order:

Niche your offering: I started by focusing on start-ups that weren’t ready to hire a VP of sales but needed to train their sales representatives. While that is no longer my exact focus, I maintain a niche as a ‘Sales’ Coach (whether you are in a sales career or looking to strengthen sales-related skills) and have found success by offering 1:1 coaching, working with founders via platforms, and providing my services through a sales training company.

Have a constant feedback loop and be willing to shift: Early on, running my ideas past a group of trusted colleagues helped tremendously. Now, every 1:1 coaching call or sales training is a source of feedback and insight into my business and where to focus. It allows me to tweak and improve my focus as a coach and my outreach.

Rely on your network: In the early days, and even now, I send updates to friends, family, and colleagues, including specific asks or ways they cFouan help. There is no pressure on them, but I find that people who care about you genuinely want to help; you just need to be very clear about how.

Diversify revenue streams: Most of my efforts and content outreach are tailored to my 1:1 coaching offerings. What has been helpful for my business is establishing additional opportunities for revenue streams, including partnering with two coaching/mentoring platforms that offer my packages and facilitating sales training via a corporate sales training company.

What did I miss? I’m always looking to incorporate new learnings into my approach.

Next week, I’ll be co-facilitating a sales training focused on negotiation (a hot topic in every conversation I have!). So be sure to forward this to anyone who might want to sign up to receive my next newsletter with key insights.

Would you like to continue the conversation? Please do schedule time to chat; I would be happy to dive in with you.

I share different content (resources, helpful tips) on different platforms, so please feel free to connect with me via the below. And keep an eye out for content that will help you in your day-to-day life.



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