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The time I almost moved to Paris

In 2015, I interviewed for a new position at my then-company that would have been based in Paris.

I went through many rounds of interviews and, as one does, started to picture what our life could look like in such a beautiful city. The interviews went very well, and I felt so confident and hopeful I’d land the job. I was devastated when I got the call telling me I was a close runner-up but did not get the job. They awarded the position to someone who sounded very similar to me.

It was hard not to wonder why I didn’t get it, what she had that I didn’t, and what was missing, making me feel like I was back to square one. But eventually, I picked myself up and kept going.

Just a few short months later, a job opened up at Airbnb. I went through a rigorous interview process and landed the job. I was ecstatic.

Things tend to make sense in retrospect, and I’m now so thankful the gig in Paris didn’t work out and Airbnb did. The amount of growth, opportunities, and friendships I gained from my time at Airbnb are truly invaluable, and I’m grateful every day for that experience.

Right now, the majority of my clients are job searching. Having been through the process many times myself and having coached many others through it, I know how high the highs can be and how low the lows feel.

It’s easier said than done, but stick with it; things WILL work out, often better than you imagine.

Here are three techniques that help me when riding an emotional rollercoaster:

  1. 3-gifts Exercise: When faced with a negative situation, try to visualize three ways it could turn into a gift or opportunity in the future, either in the short- or long-term.
  2. Revisit the Past: Think of times in your life when you were disappointed, didn’t get something you really wanted, or hit a low point. Now jot down the ways those situations ended up working out.
  3. Practice Gratitude: I like to keep a running list by month on my notes app – any “win”, big or small, goes on the list, and I can reference it when I want a pick-me-up.

I’d love to hear what techniques have worked for you if you’d like to share?



Check out my list of recommended books here. I will be updating this list from time to time.

Congratulations, graduates!

In light of all the graduations taking place this time of year:

If I had one piece of advice to tell my college-graduating self, it would be that investing time in relationships—friends, family, colleagues, mentors, etc.—and being intentional in building a solid support network is time well spent.

**On that note, I offer gifted coaching packages if you have a new college grad in your life. Feel free to message me.

By the Airbnb offices in SOMA San Francisco (2015)

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