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Notes from the eclipse

This week, we had the eclipse here in Austin. Being on the path of totality made it an extra special experience, and way cooler than I anticipated. It’s hard to put into words why it was so moving. For me, it was a reminder of life’s importance beyond our daily grind, stresses, and calendars, and how we’re all connected in some way. For 1 min and 44 seconds, as the sky darkened, I heard kids cheering from nearby schools, stood with neighbors in our driveways, and allowed myself to be awed.

With spring in full swing and schedules ramping up post-winter, it’s a reminder for me to keep taking moments to step back and reflect on my goals – both personal and professional – and how I’m allocating my time.

In many of my client conversations lately, two main themes emerge: seeking out jobs that align with personal aspirations and the pursuit of a work/life balance.

Several friends came into town for the eclipse, offering a natural opportunity to slow down and enjoy quality time together. Despite spending more time away from my computer than usual, it proved to be unexpectedly energizing and productive in its own way.

This resonates with the advice I've been giving clients lately. It often starts with tapping into your network—friends, family, and colleagues—whether you're contemplating a job change, a career pivot, or striving to strike a better work/life equilibrium. Who can you reach out to? Who might provide insights or guidance on the path you're considering? What might you learn in the process?

Here are two podcasts and a book that I noted from conversations with friends this week:

All things AI:

Hard Fork
Listen to Hard Fork on Spotify. “Hard Fork” is a show about the future that’s already here. Each week, journalists Kevin Roose and Casey Newton explore and make sense of the latest in the rapidly changing world of tech. Listen to this podcast in New York Times Audio, our new iOS app for news subsc…

Illuminating listen for your health:

The #1 Menopause Doctor: How to Lose Belly Fat, Sleep Better, & Stop Suffering Now
Listen to this episode from The Mel Robbins Podcast on Spotify. Today’s episode is a MUST listen. You won’t believe what the latest research is saying about menopause. And you’re likely not getting what you need to know from your doctor. Did you know perimenopause can begin as early as your 30’s? Or…

Excited to read this one:

The Myth of Normal - Dr. Gabor Maté
By the acclaimed author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts, a groundbreaking investigation into the causes of illness, a bracing critique of how our society breeds disease, and a pathway to health and healing.

You can always book at Clarity Call if you want to chat more. And if someone in your life might benefit from any of the above, please forward this on to them.

As well, I share different content (resources, helpful tips) on different platforms, so please feel free to connect with me via the below. And keep an eye out for content that will help you in your day-to-day life.

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