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A story of door-to-door deception

I've got a story to share, something that's playing out right in my own neighborhood. It involves young folks from bug removal and lawn service companies who go door-to-door, trying to snag new customers. I've lost count of how many show up at our doorstep, but there's one thing they all seem to have in common—a script that just doesn't feel right.

Picture this: "We work with your neighbor a few doors down and thought you might be interested..." Sound familiar? They're playing the social proof card. But here's the kicker—it's not genuine.

You see, I know my neighbors well. We've chatted about these salespeople and the companies they represent, and it turns out, no one is actually using them. What really gets us is that every company, whether they're offering lawn care or bug removal, follows the same script.

Successful sales isn't about following a templated script or pulling off a trick. It's about creating real connections, grasping your customers' needs, and offering solutions that truly work. Honesty and authenticity are your secret weapons in this journey. So, remember:

  • Honesty always wins
  • Be a real human
  • Put yourself in the customer's shoes
  • Provide a solution that truly serves your customer

If you've got any questions or stories to share, don't be shy—hit me up.

Warmest regards,

Jenny, Sales Coach + Consultant

Three Things...

Case Study

My first case study is live! If you're wondering what it looks like to work with a sales coach, this document provides a sneak peak into my process with Julia, the CEO + Founder of The Recess Lab. Download your copy here:

Sales Coaching Case Study
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Sales Sprint Hour

Interested in getting results similar to Julia's (see Case Study above)? If so, this might be perfect for you. I'm currently offering a Sales Sprint Hour to push you through Q4 and accelerate success through the end of the year. Check it out:

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