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The number one question from founders and solopreneurs

Early in my career, when I was new to sales, my job had a weekly point plan for sales activities.

Each week, I tracked my activities (input metrics) and worked toward hitting my point goal.

It was a helpful framework to structure my time and yielded results. The weeks I met or exceeded my goal directly correlated to revenue booked.

Now, as a sales coach, one of the most common questions I receive from new solopreneurs and founders is: “What sales activities do I need to do in order to meet my revenue goal?”

Sales isn’t solely a founder/solopreneur’s role within their company, and they’re not sure how much time to allot to sales activities, or even what to do for sales outreach.

Trying a weekly or monthly point plan can be a helpful framework.

Here’s a suggestion: set a monthly sales activity point goal. At the end of the month, review sales activities and revenue booked. Look at what channels your revenue came from, iterate, and set goals for the next month.

Examples of activities and points:

✅ Networking event: 10

✅ Appointment: 10

✅ Proposal sent: 5

✅ Email/social/newsletter: 1

✅ Phone call: 1

All of this can be tracked in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for easy reporting.

What questions do you have?

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[A photo from a President’s Circle sales trip to the Bahamas]

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